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How to Lose Fat in Your Thighs

There is one constant when it comes to losing thigh fat, and that is to maintain a healthy diet and exercising. This is not just...

Transformation – A Wiivv Success Story

Wiivv was lucky enough to work with Amanda on our most recent photo shoot. After hearing her story and how much she enjoyed our product,...

6 Effective Ways To Kick Your Belly Fat Away

The 10 Worst Eating Habits You Need To Break Now

Ready to boost your metabolism & lose belly fat? Here are the 10 worst eating habits you need to break now!

How Walking With Orthotics Can Offset Sitting

Swapping TV time for the gym is easy, especially when there's a TV in your gym. However, if you're like 99% of the population, you...

3 Easy Ways to Make Fitness Stick

How Many Steps To Take Per Day For Your Personal Goals

The 10,000-daily step goal was made famous by one of our favorite companies, FitBit – and for good reason – it adds up to about five...

Seven Grams Caffe – A Wiivv Success Story

A New Lease On Life Starts At Your Feet – A Wiivv Success Story

When Cindy* walked into Evolution Sport Therapy for the first time, she was terrified that her constant pain in her heel was being...

We Bust 7 of the Most Common Myths On Your Metabolism

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