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Improving Foot Speed and Agility Through your Vertical Jump

How to Improve Foot Speed and Agility

When it comes to foot speed and agility, there is no quick fix. However, before we dive in, it's...

Who Should Wear Wiivv Custom Orthotics

Who Should Wear Wiivv Custom Orthotics?

Wiivv custom fit 3D printed orthotics are designed to help reduce pain in your feet, knees,...

Not Just for Runners: Wiivv Exhibits at GranFondo

The event 

“The big ride,” as the Italians call it, certainly earned its name - The 2016 B.C. GranFondo cycling event takes riders 122...

Coquitlam Crunch Welcomes Wiivv as Medal Sponsor

Crunch Time

Whether by bike or on foot, Team Wiivv was out over the weekend encouraging athletes of all stripes to #KeepGoing, first at...

10 Types of Pain Wiivv Custom Fit Orthotics Can Help

Foot Pain

Step out of pain and back into life. Our custom made arch and heel cup improves comfort and provides relief from various foot...

Back Pain? Here's 8 Reasons You Should be Doing Bridges Now!

9 Things That Are Ruining Your Metabolism

3 Exercises That Burn Fat Fat Better Than Running

6 Things That Happen When You Start Doing Squats

7 Things That Happen When You Start Doing Planks Everyday


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