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09 DecIntroducing: NEW Full Length Insoles

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Wiivv strives to make the world's most advanced custom-fit footwear. Our products have always been function-first and highly personalized. That's because, from person to person, even left to right, every foot is unique. Wiivv's custom-fit 3D printed insoles provide enhanced bio-mechanical support and superior comfort throughout the day. With that, we are proud to announce of new Custom Fit Full Length Insole!

the evolution of comfort

A sportier alternative to comfort. Wiivv's full-length insoles are recommended for use in running shoes, boots, and casual shoes, for active and everyday pursuits.


designed to keep you going

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Wiivv’s Custom-Fit 3D Printed Full-Length Insole is created using your smartphone and designed to:

  • Reduce foot pain
  • Alleviate joint discomfort
  • Reduce muscle fatigue.

The free Wiivv app captures the unique contours of your feet by mapping over 200 points on the arch and heel of each foot. The data is used to bio-mechanically enhance and personalize a unique pair of insoles that are made on-demand. 

rigorously tested, biomechanically proven

Rigorous product and biomechanics research has resulted in a cutting-edge design featuring a specially molded shock-absorbing heel pad that helps to stabilize and cushion your foot strike, while fully-custom arch support improves your alignment and enhances your step, letting your feet take you further for longer, morning to night, work to play.

While your Wiivvs make you feel good, you can feel even better knowing that the high performance moisture-wicking top layer is made of 92% recycled material, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint with every step you take.

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Product Details

  • Shell colors: red, orange, blue, gray
  • Durable 3/4-length 3D printed shell
  • Full-length top layer
  • Stabilizing heel cup
  • Arch support customized to each foot
  • High-performance top-layer with moisture wicking polyester, spandex, and recycled nylon fabric
  • Personalized top-layer: red fractal, yellow fractal, coastal pines, gray hexagon, pink hexagon

FL Adidas.jpg

How it works

To get your pair of full-length insoles, you will need to follow these steps

  1. Purchase your pair at
  2. You will receive an email directing you to download the app for iOS or Android
  3. Follow the instructions to measure your feet
  4. Enter your purchase code that will be included in the email you receive

Once finished, you will receive your pair of full-length custom insoles within 7 days!

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