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13 DecCorporate Wellness Program Testimonial: North Shore Rescue

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As a part of our initial Kickstarter program, we ran a buy 2 gift 1 free program. At the end of the campaign, we had 40 pairs gifted back to us to give away in good faith. Well, we honored our word and in November, we donated 40 pairs to the North Shore Rescue. 

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who is the North Shore Rescue?

North Shore Rescue (NSR) is a Mountain Search and Rescue Team based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

How large is your team?

The team consists of approximately 40 volunteers skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain, canyon and urban settings. The team provides search and rescue services for the Provincial Emergency Program, RCMP and municipal police services, municipal fire services, BC ambulance services, cross border support in the state of Washington, and local and regional governments during civil emergencies.

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How much time do you spend on your feet during an average call?

On an average call, we could spend anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days. We are constantly on the go in some of the toughest conditions in the Pacific Northwest – this includes ice covered rocks, wet and muddy slopes, or repelling from helicopters. We stay on the job until it's done which means we rely on our feet to keep us going the entire time we're dispatched. We don't have time to feel pain!

Is foot discomfort/fatigue something that commonly bothers your volunteers?

Yes! We wear the best quality boots while we're on a call, however, since we are working in such extreme conditions, it really takes a tole on our bodies. The constant pounding, repelling – from cliffs and helicopters – jumping etc. fatigues our knees, heels, ankles, and lower back. So we are constantly looking for a solution, and Wiivv gives us that solution.

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What is your initial impression of wiivv?

What we've noticed is that the soft heel cup really helps cushion our feet from the constant pounding they take. Personally, I've noticed that my knees don't hurt as much, and my lower back pain from a reoccurring injury is starting to subside. 

How did you find the ordering process? 

It was relatively easy. Wiivv came to our HQ in North Vancouver with their team during our Tuesday night training. They were able to digitize 5 of us at a time, and ended up getting everyone on our team scanned in around 30 minutes. It was super easy, and way too many foot jokes were shared.

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Would you wear your Wiivv insoles during your day outside of your rescue work?

Because we're all volunteer, we all have day jobs. Me personally, I moonlight as a lawyer, and wear my 3/4 length insoles in my dress shoes. I actually couldn't believe that they fit both my boots and my dress shoes so well. Highly recommended. 

Would you recommend the product to another workplace who's employees have active feet?

If you work somewhere where you rely on your feet to work, I would definitely recommend Wiivv insoles. The program is easy to get involved with and is worth the value. If you're an employer looking to give back to your employees, call Wiivv now! (See: How to Build A Corporate Wellness Program)


Ready to get started? Email Wiivv at and set up an apointment to discuss your corporate wellness program.

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