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25 JulWhat to Look For When Buying A Custom Insole


Whether you over pronate, supinate, or suffer from flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, or runner's knee, custom insoles can help you. However, with so many options out there, what should you look for when picking the pair that's right for you? Get 20% off your order with the promo code CART20 HERE

Before anything, know what different types of insoles are available:

  1. What Type of Insoles Are Available:
    1. Comfort: People who experience foot pain and tired feet from standing or walking on hard surfaces for extended periods may find relief from shock-absorbing insoles designed for comfort.

      These can be flat or shaped and feature gel or foam in their construction. Insole choices include full length, ¾ length or arch or heel inserts. Tired, achy feet may also be the result of insufficient foot support inside a shoe. If a “comfort” insole does not provide relief, or even aggravates the problem, it is an indication that the foot wants firmer support, not more cushioning. Try a “support” style insole instead.

      • Structural misalignment, which can manifest not only as foot pain, but discomfort in the ankles, knees hip, back, neck or head.
      • Plantar fasciitis: Medical professionals routinely recommend the use of a supportive insole as part of the treatment protocol for this painful condition resulting from tears in the plantar fascia—a band of connective tissue which connects the heel to the forefoot.
      • Supination or over-pronation: Support insoles moderate a tendency for the feet to either supinate (roll out) or overpronate (excessive rolling in) when walking or running. Support: These feature a harder material for structural support and stability. Comfort is derived from the increased stability rather than direct cushioning. Though not customized to an individual foot, support insoles come in different models and profiles to suit most foot shapes or footwear types, and are best for the following conditions:
    2. Custom: If you have car trouble, you talk to a mechanic. If you aren't feeling well, you talk to a doctor. If your feet are constantly in pain, you should be using custom insoles to help align your body properly... After all, your knees, hips, and back are all affected by your feet. Although most orthotics come at a hefty price ($300-$600), Wiivv custom insoles are only $75! We offer complete customize comfort based on the unique contours of your feet. Custom insoles have also been seen to aid in the recovery of plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, runner's knee, over pronation, and strengthen the arches of sufferers of flat feet.

Next, look into how the insole will be made, and how it will support your unique foot:

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  1. The Customization Process: Is it truly custom? Stepping on the fancy machines in the mall kiosk may seem like they're scanning your feet, but they're not truly giving you the customization you need. Every foot is different, from left to right, person to person, and a true customization process is the only way to truly capture your unique foot. The Wiivv app captures over 200 points on your foot to map the unique contours of your feet. We then create a 3D model of your foot, and create your custom insoles that have been designed just for you in San Diego.
  2. Medial and Lateral Arch SupportPeople who have low or collapsed arches often ask for “arch support” insoles. What is really needed, though, is “foot support” which helps stimulate the arch muscles to be engaged and active. A supportive insole stabilizes the heel and distributes pressure across the base of the foot, instead of concentrating pressure into the arch area. Direct arch support is actually uncomfortable for many people since it inhibits the normal flexing of the foot.
  3. Heel Support: Able to stop slippage? A shoe that fits well in the mid- and forefoot but allows heel slippage or lift may be improved with a supportive, mid- to high-volume insole. This reduces excess volume in the rear of the shoe and stabilizes the heel of the foot, minimizing the heel slip that can cause hot spots and blisters.

And finally, how will the company support you after your purchase:

  1. Custom design: Your personality is unique, your feet are unique, why aren't your products? Wiivv custom insoles are not just custom for your feet, but have custom designed top layers and BASE colors for your to make your pair as unique as you.
  2. Care and Support: At Wiivv, we give you the white glove treatment. We're available from 9-5 pacific time, Monday to Friday on the phone, or you can email our care reps at – our reps will answer any questions you have, help you through the app process, and make sure that your insoles are delivered on time, without a fuss, and fit you the way they should.
  3. Return Policy: Our 30-day money back, happiness guarantee, means there is no risk for you! If your pair isn't comfortable, or there is a problem with your custom insoles, reach out to us and we'll make sure we get it sorted out in a timely manner!

Are you ready to get your pair of custom insoles?

Get 20% off your order with the promo code CART20


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