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09 Sep9 Things That Are Ruining Your Metabolism

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1. Not enough water.

Your body is made of 60% water, and since while you're sleeping it doesn't get any for 6-8 hours, the very first thing you should do in the morning to kick start your metabolism, is have a big glass! We need to be constantly filling up our body’s tank with around 2 liters per day. However, during the nighttime, it’s likely that you hardly wake up to drink even one glass, which leads to dehydration. So as soon as you wake up, have 2 big glasses, and watch your bloating go down, and your appetite lower. 

2. too much caffeine.

What is the first thing you crave when you wake up... My guess is coffee. According to nutritionists, caffeine subdues our appetites. Drinking too many caffeinated drinks may make you feel full throughout the day, but this causes the body to not be able to break down the nutrients immediately. Cut down on your caffeine. Make it one mug of coffee, and a maximum of two small caffeinated drinks per day. Or, replace entirely with water!

3. Too much alcohol

We all love a good drink every now and then. However, drinking alcohol slows down your bodies ability to burn fat. Just two shots can reduce your ability to burn fat by 73%. The reason for this is because alcohol is being used as fuel. So, make alcohol a weekend-only beverage. And if you've really had a stressful day, try the gym instead!

4. Your diet contains pesticides.

It's unfortunately become normal for our fruits and vegetables to contain pesticides. However, these pesticides can interfere with your metabolism and reduce weight loss – the opposite of why we eat our fruits and veggies! Try to opt for organic foods. They may be a bit more expensive, but, the results are worth it in the long run.

5. too many calories before bedtime.

There is nothing better than a late night snack. There is also nothing better than gaining 5 pounds. Right? We tend to make up for missing calories in the evening, and commonly, right before bed. This means that our body doesn't have time to digest before laying our head down. This is an extremely dangerous habit to get into, as it leads to health risks. The best way to avoid this is to eat healthy snacks throughout the day, even if you aren't hungry enough to have a meal. Healthy snacks will reduce your hunger, and will keep you full. So, by the time you come home, you won’t need to eat a calorie-heavy dinner.

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6. You have a major sweet tooth.

When we were kids, we were all told to finish our plate, otherwise we don't get a sweet treat. These sugar cravings can be quite hard to curb. However, because, the sugars from all these candies, chocolates, cookies, and ice creams get easily absorbed in your blood, resulting in high glucose levels. It will also stop your metabolism. The best way to deal with such cravings is to indulge in fruits. Simple.

7. You are not a nutty person.

Nuts are considered to be super healthy snacks because they're stacked with protein and unsaturated fats. These fats help to increase your energy levels, lower your cholesterol, and boost your metabolism.  A handful per day is more than enough.

8. You diet too much.

Extreme diets are one of the worst things you can do for yourself. For example, if you stop eating carbs and you regularly exercise, you stop the muscle-building process. This is because carbohydrates release energy, helping to burn calories. Therefore, you need proper carbs in your diet. Go for one cup of brown rice, sweet potato, oatmeal, or whole wheat bread.

9. You work out at odd hours.

Morning person? Get up early and go for a jog. There is just something magical about having the entire track to yourself at sunrise. The early morning sweat will help to lower your BMI, and it will control how much energy you burn. Morning exercises will also release energy and burn calories for the rest of the day, along with keeping you energized. So what are you waiting for? Get out there!

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