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19 AugWe Bust 7 of the Most Common Myths On Your Metabolism

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Does Exercise Rev Your Metabolism?

Truth: Yes

It's really really tough to work off as many calories as you eat. Likely... Really hard. However, exercise definitely helps. Performing regular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) not only burns calories, but continues to burn calories after you finish increasing your metabolism post-workout. On the other hand, strength training, which builds more calorie-munching muscle, can increase your resting metabolic rate slightly, too. See: Getting to 10,000 Steps in a Working Day The Easy Way

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Eating Spicy Foods Boosts your Metabolism?

Truth: Yes

So, I can't lie, this was one that I never knew... Chile peppers get their spice from phytochemicals called capsaicinoids. These chemicals can speed you up. This happens because they increase the heat your body produces (which takes energy to produce) and speeds up the breaking down of fat, and make you feel fuller for longer. You do need to eat at least 2 milligrams of capsaicinoids (about one tenth of a chile pepper) to get the effect. A drop or two of hot sauce alone isn’t going to melt all your unwanted fat away, but it doesn't hurt... anything but your tongue that is.


Do Thin People Have Faster Metabolisms Than Overweight People?

Truth: No

Just like an SUV needs more fuel to run than a compact sedan, a larger body requires more energy to stay alive than a smaller body. However, Cushing’s Syndrome and having an under active thyroid are the exception... Both of which you do NOT want. But since it decreases as you lose weight, it’s important to keep it ticking (read above).

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Does Going On A Diet Mess With You?

Truth: Yes

The recent Biggest Loser study shows how losing weight too quickly can really mess with you. When you start eating too few calories, your body slows down to save energy. The trick to healthy calorie cutting is to do it slowly and not to go below your resting metabolic needs. After going on a diet, if you go back to eating the same amount of food as before, you’ll just slide back as fast as you lost it. What a waste!


Does Green Tea Really Help?

Truth: Yes

Many studies have shown that green tea can help you manage your weight, particularly if you’re looking for that extra little boost and to prevent weight creeping back on. A group of antioxidants, called catechins, and caffeine team together to stimulate the nervous system and increase the amount of calories you burn. All forms of green tea, including oolong and white contain these ingredients, with white tea containing the highest levels. The bad news: If you already have lots of caffeine in your day, the metabolic effect from the green tea may not be noticeable. Sorry, coffee snobs!


Does Lemon Water REALLY Work?

Truth: No

Drinking a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning is an age-old dieting ritual. Many swear it can detoxify, aid digestion, and “release” excess fat. If only it were that simple. This habit does little more than hydrate you and deliver a small dose of vitamin C. Might as well take a multi-vitamin and drink a big glass of water.


Does Staying Cool Burn More Calories?

Truth: Yes

Cool air can fire up your own internal thermostat. When the temperature drops even just slightly, your body activates a “good” fat called brown fat, which burns extra calories to warm you up. Try lowering the temperature by around 66 degrees even just for a couple of hours. Grab a sweater!

Sourced from: FitBit

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