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12 Sep10 Types of Pain Wiivv Custom Fit Orthotics Can Help

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foot-pain-icon.pngFoot Pain

Step out of pain and back into life. Our custom made arch and heel cup improves comfort and provides relief from various foot pathologies, flat feet, high arches, pronation, and supination. (1) (See: 5 Tips to Relieve Foot Pain)

ball-foot-icon.pngBall of Foot

Pressure in the ball of the foot can be caused by flat feet or high arches. Custom arch support can help reduce this pressure, relieving pain in the ball of your foot. (1)

arch-foot-icon.pngArch Pain

Reducing the load your arches bear through a custom arch gives your foot the support it needs. Supporting your arches now also helps reduce the risk of developing plantar fasciitis later on. (1) (See: Why Custom Arch Support Matters)

heel-foot-icon.pngHeel Pain

Your heel and your arch are more in sync than you realize. With our custom arch and hole-in-heel design, we support both your heel and your arch, and can help kickstart your biomechanics. (1) (See: 4 Common Foot Injuries Wiivv Can Help)

plantarfascitis-foot-icon.pngPlantar Fasciitis

Custom orthotics reduce the pressure and loading on the plantar fascia, getting you back up and moving pain free so you can #KeepGoing (2)

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ankle-foot-icon.pngAnkle Pain

Your ankle is the cornerstone of your body's kinetic chain. If you pronate or supinate, you risk putting stresses on the surrounding ligaments and tendons. Custom orthotics help to realign your ankles with your leg and foot to reduce the risk of injury. (3)

shin-icon.pngShin Pain

Say goodbye to your shin splints. Our custom silicone heel pad helps with shock absorption, while our semi-rigid nylon material helps to redistribute the pressure that causes shin splints. (4) (See: Preventing Shin Splints)

knee-icon.pngKnee Pain

Knee pain is often caused by the misalignment of your joints and ligaments. Custom arch support helps to put your foot back into a naturally aligned position helping to promote better alignment throughout the entire body. (4)  (See: Conquering Your Knee Pain)

hip-pain-icon.pngHip Pain

Your hip is a ball that sits in a socket. When your alignment is off, it doesn't sit in its socket properly. Custom orthotics help to promote alignment throughout the entire leg, including the hip, reducing pain, and increasing mobility. (4)

back-pain-icon.pngBack Pain

Restore your posture and reduce back pain through better alignment, shock absorption, and the redistribution of pressure. Our custom fit orthotics are designed to do just that, helping to get you back on your feet, and doing what you love. (5) (See: How to Offset Back Pain Cause By Sitting All Day)

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