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18 Aug10 Pains Of Being A College Student Besides Being Broke & Hungry

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We've all been there, and we hate to admit it, but this list still rings true even after graduation - just replace test with meetings, and welcome to the real world. With that in mind, here are 10 things that every college student knows are all to real:

Looking for more? (See: Eating Healthy on a Student Budget)

1. Deciding to go out instead of studying for your test the next day

There is any number of reasons this could be true... So pick one: karaoke Monday, taco Tuesday,wine Wednesday, thirsty Thursday – the list goes on and it's ALWAYS fun! However, there is just something so wrong about getting woken up at 8AM to rush to that early morning test.

2. Running to your bus in the pouring rain only to see if pull away

Well this one is an obvious bummer. Only thing is, you've got that test in about 20 minutes that's worth 20% of your grade. 

3. Having to run to class because you missed your bus: 

Let's be real... When was the last time you ran? Let alone with something so important on the line. Your legs are heavy, knees weak, sore feet, and you still haven't had anything to eat... 

4. Making a stupid mistake on said test you didn't study for: 

You get to your test just in the nick of time, only to realize you haven't studied nearly enough... However, you're confident you can pass – and then you get your results, and you realize you mistook micro for macro... OOPS!

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5. Having 10 minutes run across campus in the pouring rain to your next class

It always seems like a sick joke, doesn't it. Two classes back-to-back on the other side of campus. It's a leisurely 30-minute walk, but you only have 10 minutes. You start to run and really start to feel your feet, knees, and back from the books you've got in your bag.

6. Feeling out of shape from running to class and thinking about going to the gym: 

Have you ever said this before "Tomorrow, I'm going to start going to the gym!" ...But tomorrow never comes, does it? 

7. Going to the campus pub and inhaling pounds of wings, nachos, and beer:

It's funny how every time you think about going to the gym, someone invites you to the bar. I guess they're both 3 letter words, and they're both activities that affect your body... However, the real question is, where was our invite?!

8. You wake up the next day and decide that yes, you will actually go to the gym... and it hurts:

And we're so proud of you for spending 15 minutes on the bike, and doing some bicep curls! It's better than nothing I guess.

9. Heading back to your dorm only to realize you have nothing but pizza pockets 

... and instant noodles, because you can't afford healthy/normal food. Good thing we created the ultimate guide to eating healthy on a student budget!

10. justifying one more episode: 

Stranger Things marathon anyone?!

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